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    Hey there..happy belated birthday hun...imageand many more 2 come! Hope you're having a good one today..You've been kudo'd ! ;) Cheers! Lixi


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    Happy birthday, tig! :) will start a thread for you later. :D


    Reply from tiggerfanofdarkangel:

    Aww, thanks LK. Hope you're doing well. Haven't been around in a long time but with the start up of Legend of the Seeker, hopefully be able to jump into a discussion on the show. :)

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Read a book. It will be far more interesting. May I suggest: Amy Tan's "The Bonesitter's Daughter" as well as "The Hours" and "The Lovely Bones", a MUST read. But also a fan of Adrienne Wilkinson, Paul Walker and Angelina Jolie and Xena, Dark Angel and Charmed.

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I enjoy reading Kim Harrison, Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong, anything with a paranormal romance theme to it. I enjoy writing fan fiction based on Xena: Warrior Princess. I like shopping, can usually find me in a bookstore or at the mall. I draw and paint as well.